Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new things

a couple of months back we went to see the low anthem and the support band were the head and the heart. we were impressed by them and so kev just bought their debut album by the same name. they were such a great live band (so much energy) that the album feels a little flat in comparison but i do like it. great if you're in the mood for a little folky stuff!
another new album.... the latest from foals. i need another listen but the track what remains is fantastic.
the lovely mimie bought me two new plants to keep the lonely cactus company. lets just hope that i can keep them alive!
and i bought myself this black tote bag from fieldguided (with a line from 'running up that hill' by kate bush). i love it! (and i really like reading the blog too). i actually already have it in the usual unbleached cotton tote colour but i just couldn't resist buying it again when they started printing it in black! (naughty me).


  1. Thanks for the music suggestions, I'll have to check them out. And I love that bag!

  2. Pretty new things. As always I love your pictures. I read every day, but don't comment too often - will change that! See you soon in my garden ;)

    Bussi bis bald