Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sunday walk in the cemetery

sounds a bit spooky but it wasn't. it was actually very peaceful and sunny. we took a tram ride on the number 71 to the famous zentralfriedhof (central cemetery) in simmering. seriously, its HUGE.
i was practising with the zoom lens!


  1. Fun- we went there (took the same tram too!) and then had dinner at this kick ass restaurant across the street- where they only serve schnitzel. Great experience and love your photos and zoom lens.

  2. cool! yeah, its one of those places we've been meaning to go to for a long time. i'm glad we finally made it!

  3. I've been meaning to go there since forever. Thanks for reminding me. Looks like such a peaceful place.

  4. Did you know there are more people IN the Friedhof (Graveyard) than there are in Vienna?

    It is a wonderful and peaceful place. It is especially wonderful on All Saints Day when many folk place flowers and lights on the graves of their loved-ones (and the authorities lay on extra trams!). There's even a grave which shows you how to make a paper boat! (Heidinger's I think).

    Super pictures.

  5. WOAH. but from the size of the friedhof i guess i shouldn't be shocked! i agree, it is a wonderful place. thanks for your comment.