Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hello 2012

i've been ill at home in bed for the past few days. really not the greatest way to start off the new year, but it has given me the opportunity to look back through my blog at what has happened over the past year. it reminded me of what wonderful times we've had in vienna, amazing meals, great times with friends, visiting new places. i hope that we can do lots more of that in 2012. there are so many more restaurants to visit! and cafes, museums, art exhibitions, shops..... i really want to keep exploring this city.

when back in england over the holidays i started to get a little homesick. it surprises me sometimes how much i crave and miss familiarity. but i need to keep focused on the new and what the future holds rather than looking back.

i considered the goals i made last year at the start of 2011 and they haven't really changed. i still want to lose a few pounds, read lots of books, take lots of photographs, cook new recipes and learn german. but i think my main goal for this year is to get into shape! (its going to be tough!) that, and start thinking more about the things i do have here rather than the things i don't. also to stop giving myself such a hard time that my level of german is still completely basic (and really rather rubbish). i need to get over my lack of confidence with it. i'm really not sure how to do that.


  1. hi! I really like your blog and I'm happy to know that you survive in the city without a good knowledge of German ;)!

    I'll be in Vienna from the first of february (still searching for a single room...) and I'd like to know if there are some good site for apartments, informations about the city etc...thank you so much!!

    1. hi, thanks so much! (i've just been looking at your blog and i love the photographs!).
      sorry i've been absolutely terrible in replying. unfortunately i don't really have any experience in searching for a room here so i can't really help with that.
      but a site i really like is this
      this site also has lots of information
      if i can help with anything specific, please let me know! my email address is
      good luck!

  2. Came across your blog, very nice. It brings back memories from the time I was in a little boy in school in Vienna. I finaly graduated from high scholl in Salzburg. Currently I live next to the holy Jerusalem city in Israel. But i travel with my family to Vienna every other year or so. Simply can't do it without the Schniztel and the Sacher tort. In my proffesion, I am an internet entrepenour and develop websites and nich portals. My latest is , i would love to have your opinion on it. You can also see pictures of Vienna here: , Anyways, I wont brag you to much, after all i am an intruder. If you mention my new site in one of your posts, it will very much help me, if not, thats fine too. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
    All the best and have a great 2012 and beyond.

    1. hi yuval, thanks for your comment. i've just been looking at your website, it looks good! some great pictures too!

  3. Happy new year! I so understand how you feel with learning German. But I refuse to have been here 2 years without being able to converse easily in German--so I have until July;)

  4. Hope you are feeling better and Happy 2012

  5. Well I have been here 3 years and my German is also complete rubbish - so do not lose hope. I am also going to make a big effort this year. Get well soon.