Monday, January 23, 2012

my weekend

well, another weekend that went by in a flash. and i totally forgot to take photos.

what you can see is a view of part of the hofburg palace (taken whilst walking through the city), some takeaway sushi (lunch on saturday), sleet (we got caught in it late on saturday afternoon) and my first attempt at making a victoria sponge (my baking skills are bad. i definitely need lots more practice). i also attempted to make chocolate brownies but they were a complete disaster!

what the photos don't show are a lovely evening i spent drinking prosecco and catching up with mimie on friday, shopping in the city and a couple of beers on saturday in our local cafe/bar, and the tasty cheese scones kev made for afternoon tea on sunday when we got to hang out with dorte, bjarni and the very cute silja.

a run tonight was very much needed to work off all the cake consumed!


  1. enjoy your run:) that cake looks worth it.

  2. the cake was amazing! Thanks again. So lovely to hang out.