Sunday, January 15, 2012

my new favourite thing to eat

so, a bad picture... but i am totally addicted to eating jamie oliver's 'killer jerk chicken' from his 30 minute meals book. it is SO good. served with rice and beans, a refreshing chopped salad and yogurt. (okay, i've realised i might be a little bit obsessed with jamie oliver! ha).

i'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment (isn't everyone?). trying to lose a few pounds in desperation before our trip to australia in mid february (think i may have left it a bit late but i have to try!). the thought of wearing a bikini at the moment sends me into a complete panic.

i've also signed up to take part in the vienna marathon this year. don't worry, i haven't completely lost my mind. i'm in a relay team with work colleagues and i'm running the shortest part of 5.7 km (someone else has to run 16.1 km! eek!). however, i'm really not a running person and i'm struggling to run 1 km at the moment without needing to stop. so this is going to be quite a challenge!

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  1. Your killer jerk chicken looks scrumptious, even though you claim to have taken a bad picture. Best of luck with your 5.7k training! Surely you're not training today :-) The snow makes me want to do the exact opposite actually. A nap sounds perfect right now.