Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my weekend

wow. it got a lot colder at the weekend. i had to drag kev for a walk just to get out of the apartment on saturday. the weekend went by so fast. i'm not really sure what we did the rest of the time?

i did eventually try out the polaroid camera and discovered that it has something wrong with it. as you can see, they came out with random brown blobs on them. but i stuck the photos to the wall anyway as i like the abstract blurry quality of them.

oh and i cooked jerk chicken on friday and saturday night. see, told you. addicted.


  1. It's probably the film, not the camera. Still looks cool :) Looking forward to friday!

  2. i agree with mimie. my first thought was it's the film, not the camera. some of them are ok. Besides, as you say, it adds a certain abstract quality!