Tuesday, March 1, 2011


on saturday night kev and i went to indus for dinner. its a great little indian. i had read about it on a few expat forums and also someone kindly recommended it to me on here. its nothing fancy, the decor is quite basic but they've made it cosy and inviting with colourful cushions and place mats. but what is so great about it is the FOOD! the service was really good and friendly too.
here are some terrible pictures of our food (i still can't seem to use our camera at night. rubbish). kev had a samosa to start and i went for the paneer pakoras (deep fried cheese. awesome). for main kev and i both chose a hot (scharf) curry. from past experience, hot in austria doesn't really mean hot but i was pleasantly surprised when my chicken 'lahore karahi murgh' arrived and it was REALLY spicy! (and so tasty). kev had the chicken 'murgh madras' which was also really good (and so were the garlic naan and roti). i'm already thinking about when i can get back there for another meal!


  1. Your welcome! It is such a yummy place, my boyfriend didn't like Indian food until I forced him to go for my birthday. Now when we think about a place for food he tends to want to eat there.
    -American Schnitzel

  2. Yum, looks delicious! I apologize in advance for posting here, but I couldn't find another way to contact you.

    I'm the editor of Expat Arrivals.com (http://www.expatarrivals.com), a site devoted to developing comprehensive destination guides aimed at easing expat transitions abroad. Currently we're working hard to make our Austria guide the best it can be and one of the sections we'd like to gather more content for is the "Expat Experiences" section.

    I came across your blog through my research and was wondering if you'd be interested in being interviewed (via email questionnaire) regarding your experience. I've attached the questionnaire in the way of wishful thinking, I look forward to hearing from you.


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  4. Oops, I deleted my own comment... Just wanted to let you know that I would join you anytime for dinner at Indus, because it is my favourite Indian restaurant AND it's so close by!

  5. Sorry I'm writing this here, but I couldn't find your e-mail address.
    My name is Kendel and I found your blog through expatblogs. My boyfriend and I are going to be in Vienna from this Tuesday until Saturday and I was wondering what you would include on a "Must See List." I've enjoyed reading about your life in Austria but am overwhelmed by the options of activities. We'll be staying in Vienna but would also like to do a day trip or two to nearby cities. What would you recommend we see, do and eat? If you have a few minutes and wouldn't mind writing me back, I'd really appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work on your blog!



  6. american schnitzel - yeah, thanks... we really loved it there!

    jenny - we MUST go!

    kendal - i'm really sorry for the slow response. i've been working away in milan without internet access until late last night and this is the first chance i've got to check my blog!

    you'll be in vienna by now... so i hope that you've had a fab first day! it looks like the weather is going to get sunny and warm so perfect conditions to explore the city. there are many great things to do in the city...so it really depends on what you like doing. here are a few things i like to do & where i take my friends when they visit....
    1. stephansdom in the heart of the city (go inside & take a look and climb up one of the towers). the inner city (innere stadt or 1st district) is really easy to walk around and you can see all the main buildings of interest in one day. from stephansdom you can see peterskirche (another impressive church but in a very different style. go inside as its interior is much more impressive!), wander down graben and the surrounding shopping streets, see the hofburg, the 2 large museums on the ring, the parlament building and the rathaus (the town hall) if you continue round the ring road in a clockwise direction you'll also see votivkirche.
    2. its fun to take a trip on the famous riesenrad at prater. the old skool funfair is fun to wander around.
    3. go to naschmarkt and have lunch and see all the interesting food stalls (i like naschmarkt deli - it has red round tables outside).
    4. visit the museums quartier. also a nice place to go for lunch or dinner. kantine or halle are good.
    5. on a nice day schönbrunn is a nice place to wander around the gardens. go up to the gloriette and see the view!
    6. visit the belvedere (if you like art gustav klimt's famous painting 'the kiss' is inside).
    7. 7th and 8th districts are nice to wander around
    8. take a trip on an old tram

    to eat there are many great places in vienna. you must try a käsekrainer hotdog whilst you're here! (and schnitzel!).

    i haven't actually been out of the city myself yet so it would be good to hear of anywhere you go that you can recommend!

    thats all that comes to mind at the moment. if you'd like any more specific info (eg. a restaurant recommendation) please email me at kerrysmith78@googlemail.com

    enjoy vienna!