Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the albertina

after all that eating and drinking and sitting in pubs over the weekend (what happened to my healthy eating?!) sharron and i visited the albertina yesterday to see the current exhibitions.
it is a beautiful building and the three current exhibitions are really good (all for one admission fee of €9.50. really good value). we saw...
mel ramos - girls, candies & comics
roy lichtenstein - black & white 1961-1968
the blue rider (der blaue reiter)
we saw some really great art... some very different styles and artists. mel ramos' huge paintings of commercial pin-ups (naked women draped over oversized cigarette packets, pieces of cheese or a sauce bottle) are really good (and humorous!). i love the ideas behind his paintings. i enjoyed seeing some of lichtenstein's original drawings and paintings close up... they look quite different to how you see them in print. and the blue rider, an exhibition based on 10 of the artists who were part of the group known as 'der blaue reiter' formed in germany (one of whom was wassily kandinsky) was really interesting too.
the sun returned yesterday. everything always looks so much nicer in the sunshine! i was happily snapping away when the camera battery died, so this is all i've got. boo :(

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