Thursday, March 10, 2011


it was kev's birthday yesterday. i didn't have time to bake so he had to make do with a shop bought schoko-vanille krone (it tasted really good though!). his birthday coincided with the 2nd leg of the champions league match between tottenham and ac milan so as big tottenham fans the only thing to do was go to the pub! we went to a place called shebeen. its an international pub with a good atmosphere and awesome burgers! they have many screens showing sports. we had a great evening and tottenham won (woo hoo!) so a great birthday present for kev!

i've been so busy (and tired lately) that the 7th of march passed by without me mentioning anything. it was exactly one year on 7th march that we moved to live in vienna. it doesn't seem possible that one whole year has already passed? i've been thinking about how i feel about it and i guess i have very mixed emotions. at times its been really tough for me living here (and during weak moments i could easily have given up and moved back to england) but it has also been an amazing experience and i have learnt so much about myself through dealing with the challenges. after one year i finally feel like i'm starting to settle into this city and i feel happy that we made the move. i said to kev earlier today that our apartment feels more like home now. it's taken a year but i think i'm finally getting there!


  1. Yay for challenges! Glad to hear you're finding your feet. Yay for kev's b'day and BIG yay for spurs! xx

  2. Congratulations to Kev on his birthday, and congrats to you for managing your first year here, which is without a doubt the tougest.