Sunday, March 27, 2011


last night kev and i had a lovely evening at gasthaus wild (thanks for the recommendation sarah!). it is an old viennese restaurant serving really good quality traditional austrian dishes. they change the menu often and with the seasons. i was really impressed with the food and the service was really good too.
kev tried the tafelspitz as a starter... but i think it was tafelspitz with a twist! the meat was set in a jelly with beetroot. it was unusual but actually really tasty, especially with the schwarzbrot served with it.
we both ordered the filet steak for main. de-licious. the steak itself melted in the mouth and it was served with some great sauteed potatoes and a rich tomato/pepper sauce. thinking about it, i could actually eat it again right now!
kev had a vanilla sponge type thing for dessert. not the prettiest looking thing but it really tasted great. i went for the cheese plate. they were really stinky cheeses but sooooo good.
great selection of beer and wine too! (i wasn't drinking puntigamer it was a dunkel beer).
i would recommend booking though. we didn't and when we arrived there was no space in the no smoking area. but it was fine, we just walked to urania for a beer and then went back an hour later. it was lovely looking out over the canal.
(i couldn't keep my hand still enough!)

*diet starts tomorrow!

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