Tuesday, March 8, 2011

running on empty

since my last post i've been away working in milan. unfortunately i have no pictures of milan... to be honest we were working so late and such long hours that i barely saw daylight for the entire trip! (the only pictures i do have are of drunken colleagues late at night that i don't remember taking?!). so instead you have a quick photo i took this evening after work as i was walking to my german class (which turned out to be cancelled after i walked all the way there. damn it!).

i really don't know what to tell you about milan... other than its been one of the most random, funny but extremely exhausting experiences of my life! i've never been so tired and as a result i appear to have developed a rash on my face and my hands (boo). i've eaten so many ham and cheese panini's that i'm completely sick of them (never thought i'd say that).

but i have friday off work as my friends are coming to stay and i can't wait. yay!

oh and its kev's birthday tomorrow!

update: forgot to say... happy pancake day!


  1. Milan? Snapping Turtles! What is your new job?

  2. i work for an eyewear distribution company!

  3. that does not sound good.

    happy birthday to kev:)

  4. I heard they work so hard in Milan, it's barely considered Italian...true?

  5. ashleigh, i'm not sure about the working culture in milan (i work for a company based in vienna) but i certainly worked hard!