Sunday, April 3, 2011


it finally feels like spring has arrived in vienna! the weekend has been sunny and warm and i just hope that it's here to stay (although you know what they say about april showers... or does that just apply to the uk?!). we spent saturday leisurely shopping for groceries and household stuff but it was just nice to wander around the shops and enjoy the sunshine (i even got my bare legs out for the first time this year! it was a good feeling).

we tried out a new place for lunch... milo cafe/restaurant at the museums quartier. we sat outside and i didn't realise (until i just googled the cafe) how lovely the ceiling is inside (will have to sit inside next time!).
we chose two dishes and shared them. the first is the mediterranean antipasti plate and the second is broccoli and potato quiche. we really enjoyed both dishes (and it reminded me how i must try and make quiche myself at home!). from googling milo and reading various sites, it appears other people thought the food was a bit pricey for what you get. and i agree, it isn't cheap (mains ranged from about €9-€18). but i don't think it is particularly any more pricey than other cafes/restaurants offering similar style food. and i guess you're paying a little for the location too. it is a nice place to sit even for just a drink.
we then spent the evening at lovely sarah's apartment who hosted a dinner party last night. it was a really great evening with delicious food (a jamie oliver spring chicken stew - see, i'm not the only person obsessed with cooking his recipes!) and good conversation.

we went to bed with good intentions of getting up and going for a run this morning (i REALLY need to lose some weight and get back into shape a bit) but anyone that knows me well will know that the run didn't happen and a lie in until midday was much more appealing. kev and i then spent the rest of the day giving the apartment a bit of a spring clean (kev even cleaned the windows!) so the place is looking all lovely and sparkly and clean. we rewarded our hard work with roast chicken, roasted new potatoes (with rosemary and garlic) and salad for dinner (oh, and a nice cold beer). it tasted like spring!


  1. lovely- I like the little mushroom salt/pepper shakers- so cute.

  2. I always love to see what you're eating. It all looks so good.

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  4. Hi!
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    Hope to speak with you soon!


  5. thanks for your comments everyone!

    eva - glad you're enjoying reading. would love to help if i can. email me at with any questions you have!