Wednesday, April 13, 2011

don't laugh too loudly

on friday evening kev took me to a local thai place (sri thai imbiss) as he had read good things about it. however, it turned out to be a rather random experience!

we arrived at around 8.30pm but was told the chef was closing the kitchen at 9pm so we could only stay if we ordered what somebody else had ordered as she was cooking nothing else (luckily for us we like red thai chicken curry!).

anyway, we sat down (without having seen a menu) and ordered a thai beer each. the place is small (only about 6 tables) but an interesting space full of thai memorabilia and pictures of the thai royal family. the kitchen area is in the corner of the room (so in view of the diners).

kev and i were just happily chatting when the chef suddenly came over to our table and told us (in half german, half english) to be quiet and stop laughing so loudly as there is a baby sleeping upstairs. seriously, i was flabbergasted! we were making no more noise than anyone else (i mean, it was just the two of us having a normal level conversation) and there was actually a fan in the restaurant (i guess because they cook in the same room) that was SO loud. oh, and she was hitting her wok pans pretty hard with her metal utensils too.

i've never felt so uncomfortable in such an environment. it's a shame because when the red thai curry arrived it was absolutely delicious (and very hot!) but we won't be going back!


  1. what a bummer- So unfortunate- Great review- you wrote it with just the right level of 'what an asshole'-

  2. It certainly is a strange place - but the food is brilliant. The menu is whatever the chef is cooking on the night. We had a great time when we were there - no problems at all.

  3. badger, i agree. the food is brilliant. glad your evening was enjoyable!

  4. There was a short article about this place in Der Standard. It also mentioned that it has gotten raving reviews from many papers, but this time the article was about the fact that the owner wouldn't let a woman bring her son if he didn't show his passport. They wanted proof that he was over 14 and said that they had to ask by law because they cook in the same room as you eat. The woman lately asked the "Magistrat" and of course there is no such rule. Strange people.