Sunday, April 17, 2011


my blog turned one year old on 6th april without me really realising. how time has flown. i still can't believe that i live in austria sometimes.

it is not a good idea to shop when you're hungover. you come back with frozen pizza, sausages, frozen chips, cheese and bread... and nothing else (although the chip butty i had for a late night snack last night was pretty awesome). not sure i'm so excited about the sausages and frozen chips for dinner today though.

kev went home to brighton without me this week. it was a very strange feeling. i had a real longing to be there too... wandering the north laines, sitting on the beach looking out to sea, drinking a (good) pint of strongbow in the pub, gazing at all the amazing food in waitrose (ha).

btw, i'm still going to my german class every tuesday evening after work. i think i'm learning... i'm still struggling with the actual speaking though.

i had a great night out on friday with jenny. we spent most of the evening in a great little place called wunder-bar. i loved it there (apart from the smoke) but i'm getting more used to that again. we then went to a cocktail bar called first floor where i experienced one of the best cocktails EVER. a coriander mojito. AMAZING.

i've been a terrible reader lately. i haven't really picked up a book since i started full time work again. i really must do something about that. i miss it.

i've been listening to the jezabels a lot recently. their ep dark storm is fantastic. in fact i'm listening to it now! here is a link to one of their songs on youtube. have a listen.

the glastonbury lineup was announced this week! i'm getting pretty damn excited!