Tuesday, April 26, 2011


cooked to perfection at wild. we took our friends the shanabaileys (who are staying with us for easter) there on friday night. really yummy meal again. i really must learn how to cook a steak properly... or i could just go to wild every time i crave one (a much better idea!).


  1. Vienna is an amazing, amazing city. I just got home from a vacation that included a 4 day stop there. Didn't know what to expect. I'd been to many other cities in Europe, but never that one. Totally blown away. So much cool stuff to see and do, great night life (not to mention "day drinking," restaurants, etc.).

    That steak does look pretty rad. I may have actually gone to Wild, if it's the same one. Had a phenomenal dish there that was a special that day. Anywho, enjoy your time in Vienna! I may be living there some day myself. =)

  2. hey JR35... thanks for the comment! i'm glad you loved your trip here. it certainly is a great place to visit.. and live. it took me quite a long time to settle in but i love it now. still get a little homesick for england... but i'm really enjoying life here. hope your plans to live here happen for you! :-)