Tuesday, April 19, 2011

vienna marathon

on sunday it was the vienna marathon (the same day as the london marathon). it was a lovely day and so i went out to watch and cheer people on. i'm not sure the people running would have been so thrilled about the sunny blue sky though!
i spotted a lady in union jack shorts!
running the last straight towards the finish line. it must be such an amazing feeling.
the atmosphere was fantastic (and i got a little emotional!). they were playing classical music on loud speakers around part of the course i walked which seemed so right for vienna. there was also a steel drum band set up in front of the opera house. everybody was enjoying the sunshine and drinking beer at the finish (where lots of food and beer stalls were set up).

i still find it a little incomprehensible that it is possible for a person to run 26 miles! but it did inspire me to stop being so lazy and i actually went for a run tonight. i'm never going to be running a marathon (that is for sure!) but i can at least try and get fitter again. i've just got to keep it up now!


  1. Hey! I was there too, though a little closer to Donau Kanal, because I was cheering a friend of mine. I actually went for a run yesterday as well, because I was so inspired ;-) Nice Pictures!

  2. Hej, I was runnig 1/2 marathon there! My first. :) It was excellent - the marathon, the weather, the organization of the event... perfect!

  3. those are some great actions shots- and I love it that they drink beer at the finish line!

  4. Nice pics... I didnt even know it took place. I have a crazy dream of running a marathon - and I'm a horrible horrible runner!