Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunny saturday

these photographs of vienna yesterday are deceptive as they don't show how crazily windy it was! but the sun was shining and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon.

yesterday we...
* got up late and ate €1 pizza from the local stand for brunch (oohps)
* walked to naschmarkt where we bought lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and salad... and some lovely tulips
* went to the italian delicatessen piccini (there is also a restaurant) where we bought freshly sliced besaola and salami (YUM)
* took a long walk home stopping for a beer at café rudigerhof and buying freshly baked bread on the way
* passed film casino (for where kev has a voucher to spend... a birthday gift from the lovely jenny & thomas). we must go there very soon!
* cooked pasta peperonata for dinner and ate it with a few glasses of white wine. was really really delicious and so simple.

i hope for more days like these.


  1. Perfect Saturday! I'm looking forward to this kind of Saturday from June onwards :-) Followed by perfect Sundays cycling through the countryside ... ;-)

  2. great photos! what setting do you have to get your photos so large? mine look teeny tiny and i can't work it out! xx

  3. Great shots! Will send you an email very very soon... Just so much to do these days. Hope all is well :)

  4. hannah: june will come very soon, i promise! :-)

    sherry: thanks! when you've imported a picture & highlight it in the draft post, a bar comes up at the bottom of the picture where you can choose the size (small, medium, large, extra large i think). i always select extra large! xx

    dorte: i can imagine things have been very busy! be lovely to hear from you soon. all is good thanks.

  5. Aw, Cafe Rudigerhof! my favourite :) These pics make me homesick for the 5th district!

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