Thursday, August 4, 2011

a day out in bratislava

a train ride from vienna to bratislava for only €14 return... you can't go wrong! (well, until you get on a random bus from the train station which travels past the city centre and over the danube. but we did make it back....!).

it was a fun day wandering around the small historical old town of bratislava. and did i mention beer is only €2 for half a litre?! one of our 'beer stops' was particularly amusing. we went inside a little cafe/bar place after our walk back down from the castle. when we went inside there was no music playing but they turned on the track 'i was made for lovin' you' by kiss when we sat down.... and then played it over and over and over again. each time the start of the song kicked in we couldn't stop laughing. we started to think that only we could hear the music because no one else there including the waitress made any indication they had even noticed. random! (and yes, the song was stuck in my head for days).

this was my second visit to bratislava. i wrote about my first trip here. the sky was blue and bright that day. bring back the sunshine!

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