Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my weekend

what a totally wonderful long weekend. i took friday off work to spend the day with our dear friend visiting us. and we were fortunate that monday was another bank holiday here in austria (woo hoo!).
we walked miles this weekend (with lots of relaxing bits too) but i never tire of showing our friends and family the sights of the city we now call home and i was so happy and excited to have sherry here. we hadn't seen each other for over one year but walking down the street chatting on friday we realised that it didn't feel like all that time had passed at all. she left vienna on sunday and kev and i spent the rest of the long weekend reading in the park and relaxing at home (i read to kill a mockingbird in one day. i cannot believe it has taken me all this time to read it! what a book!).

and i would like to add that the ice cream is not mine but one we passed down by the canal. what a waste!
we did however try out a new ice cream shop called eis greissler. it is AMAZING! they use organic milk from their own cows, and all natural ingredients. they even produce some vegan options (which is pretty rare for vienna). everyone must go and try their ice cream! (and no, i'm not being paid to say this!).


  1. Hi!
    Got hold of your blog by Mimi ( who I know only from reading her blog) and started to read your older posts. I am right now where you were in March last year. It interesting to read your thoughts how it felt to come to Wien and what has happened until today.. I moved here 17th of July, left my job behind, doesn´t know any German but will start taking classes in Wien University in October. I live on my husband ( but still feels awkard not being able to have "my own" money and freedom of movement;-)) It gives me hope that you have found yourselves something to do and curious as I am- what kind of a job? I guess you speak English at work? I am blocked at the moment due to my lacking of German..and I guess it will take years until I can speak in a way that shows my qualifications..Anyway-it was interesting to read your posts and all the best for you.
    Regards, Mia ( newcomer from Sweden in Wien).

  2. I love the ice cream photograph! You're so talented. And thanks for the Eis Greissler tip. I'll have to try it out soon!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the eis greissler - Alpenkaramel and pear are my favourites!

  4. What a beautiful weekend you had! Love that second graffiti image.

  5. thanks everyone for the lovely comments!
    mia, i will send you an email :)

  6. I think some friends of mine do the pr for eis greissler, they will be thrilled to read you posting :)