Monday, August 22, 2011

sunny weekend

this weekend i danced lots at flex (then slept lots), watched lots of football, ate lots of homemade curry and did lots of wandering in the (very hot) sunshine.

i found myself on my own on sunday (as kev flew to brussels). i couldn't think what to do and so i randomly ended up getting on the U4 to the end of the line at hütteldorf. yeah well, it wasn't very exciting. but i wandered around the streets looking at the different houses, got very hot, and discovered the nikolaitor gate to the lainzer tiergarten. i had a little wander in but i'll save that full adventure for another day when i have better walking shoes (ie not tiny thin sandals), plenty of water, food supplies and it is less hot. i had no idea there are so many wild animals in there. i'm glad i didn't venture in too far on my own now! on the way home i stopped off in hietzing, ate a wurst salat and started reading on the road by jack kerouac.


  1. So that how it looks like at the end of my Ubahn :) Nice pics.

  2. Wild animals? You mean like hedgehogs?

  3. Glad you had nice weather! I love hopping on the train and discovering something new.