Thursday, August 18, 2011


another excellent meal at another 'new to me' restaurant! i'd read about wrenkh in a few guide books and it was recommended to me by a colleague at work as a good option for vegetarians. it used to serve only vegetarian food but i understand they recently introduced some meat options to the menu.

for starter i ate a salad with smoked tofu, quinoa and pumpkin seed oil. for main i chose trout which was served with warm houmous and crispy rocket. everything tasted so fresh and healthy and well, delicious.

when kev's starter arrived the chef came outside with the dish to tell him that the mushroom on the plate had been hand picked by himself. he explained they grow wild in austria but are very rare. he managed to find one and was rather chuffed with himself! (and it tasted amazing).
the whole experience was excellent. the food, the wine, the great friendly service. i will definitely be returning.
wrenkh also do cooking workshops next door to the restaurant. there was a group there on saturday night and it looked so much fun.

how cute is the wine label? apparently (according to the waitress) the wine producer took the pattern from his grandmother's wallpaper as a tribute to her.

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  1. I held a christmas event for a a client at the cooking saloon next door and then had dinner there, it was very good! And the owners are really sweet (the sons of the founder). So I can reccommend the cooking saloon too!