Saturday, August 27, 2011


i passed this sign a few weeks ago and it made me laugh at the time (those of you who have been reading since the beginning will remember me posting a picture of the sign back here). everyone had been complaining about the austrian summer (or lack of) but since i saw this sign the weather seems to have got hotter and hotter until this week temperatures have been over 30 degrees every day (over 35 yesterday!). i had the worst nights sleep last night. some people might hate me for saying this but i would really love some rain right now! i'm just not made for this kind of heat.

kev was away all this week in brussels but he got home last night with belgian cherry beer and belgian chocolates. yay! i can't wait to drink the cherry beer, its one of my favourites.

so not much has been happening here. i had a pretty boring week. my energy was zapped and i just couldn't get the motivation to do anything after work. watching many episodes of come dine with me every night whilst spread out on the sofa seemed much more appealing.

hopefully we'll get out and do something this weekend. come on kev, get up!


  1. Watch out, they predict rain tonight.. but considering everything else you wrote that might be the perfect reason for getting out! Greetings from the 20th district - now with a nice little breeze ;)

  2. That is a cute sign- in the words of my grandmother- you are not made out of sugar-