Sunday, October 17, 2010

bad day

friday was a bad day. not really bad... like nothing terrible happened but i felt pretty crap. i got turned down for another job (working in an english speaking call centre - seriously) and it somehow just knocked me a bit. my confidence is low... and my frustration is rising. i keep trying to tell myself to not let it bother me... to enjoy all this amazing time i have to myself... but on friday it wasn't working.
i decided to bake cookies for something to do but i couldn't even get that right. i couldn't find muscovado sugar in the shops so i thought i'd wing it and substitute it with another kind of brown looking sugar. it didn't work... and somehow the failed cookies (no photos, they were terrible) reduced me to tears.
ah well. something will come up, right?

p.s. these photos were taken on my way to the shops. i found another building covered in amazing red leaves. and the colour of the berries was so vibrant.


  1. beautiful photos.. And if its any help I have had those days too. I'm sure the right job will turn up eventually.

  2. Sorry 'bout the job and the cookies, girl. All will come round. In the meantime, though, I must say, you do a fabulous job with the photos. You have an eye for color and subject.....ever thought of pursuing something on the creative side?

  3. Keep the spirit up, I know it is hard! But they don't know what they are missing at the stupid call center! I'll call you soon and we will brainstorm some new ideas :) Take care!

  4. aww. great fotos, some nice things to lift you up, dont mind the turned down job...guess next time you'll find it..(the muscovado sugar) hi, from abu dhabi