Tuesday, October 12, 2010

is this art?

our friends sharron and julia arrived last week and stayed with us for 5 nights... so i've been a little quiet on the blog. we've been doing lots (so i've lots to tell you about) although, thinking about it we've mostly been drinking beer.

it was their last day here yesterday and so we decided to get up early and go to see some modern art at the MUMOK (the modern art museum) at the museumsquartier. unfortunately the museum is currently undergoing some renovations (until later in october 2010 i think) but we still got to see three floors.
i really enjoyed it. some of the art i liked... and some of it i thought was well, ridiculous (but highly amusing). it certainly made me wish i hadn't taken art so seriously as a student (and i know julia thought the same). now i'm not about to start a huge debate about 'what is art?' but when someone puts a sheet of clear perspex on the wall or sticks up some old cardboard boxes it does get me wondering. oh and there was one piece called 'brick' which was basically a brick in a clear box. anyway, we had fun and i'd like to go back again when the renovations are complete (although maybe not with kev, he would hate it!).

after some yummy lunch and some beers at the naschmarkt deli (i know, i really should try somewhere new!) we ended up walking through stadtpark and heading towards the innere stadt. it was a really beautiful sunny day.
we went for a beer stop at the kleines café on franziskanerplatz (which is a pretty picturesque square in the city). i really liked the look of this café. it was really busy inside so we sat outside (and got a little chilly) but it'll be good to return and find a little cosy corner now the weather is changing.
we decided that sharron and julia couldn't leave vienna without visiting a typical viennese coffeehouse to sample the cake and so we headed close by to café diglas.
(not sure why they had random things hanging from the chandeliers?)

it was also a first visit for me but it had been recommended several times (i had read that it was badger's favourite in the city) and i wasn't disappointed. look at the cakes! (it also happens to now be smoke free. bonus).
mine was the massive cream slice with loads of fresh cream goodness. it was amazing!

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