Wednesday, October 27, 2010

schönbrunn in autumn

before our little visit to the hospital.... here are some pictures i took of the gardens at schönbrunn...
kev's family are now on a plane on their way home. hopefully claire managed to get to and on the plane okay. we called easyjet to try and arrange some assistance at the airport but you have to book assistance at least 48 hours before departure. so what if you have an accident within the 48 hours? the whole point is that you can't predict accidents?! they said they will 'see what they can do'.

i've now gotta clean the apartment and do lots of washing before our friend hayley arrives tomorrow. its all go here at the moment!


  1. The gardens look wonderful!

    I hope Claire managed to get home safely.

    Yes, it is ridiculous to have to report assistance after an accident 48 hours in advance! Who thunk that one up??? ;-)

    Have you been to the Belvedere?
    If not, hurry over there, the gardens are brilliantly coloured right now (look also for that crimson red covered brick wall next to the winter garden, near the newest wing of the museum adjacent to the Lower Belvedere Palace).

  2. Hi! I came here by way of your featured interview - I moved to Brno, southern Czech Republic, almost 3 months ago in a similarly quick and surprising fashion! I'm German but have never been to Austria, so I keep meaning to take the train down to Vienna (just 2 hours!) and explore the city. So far, settling in here has kept me busy, though, but I'll be checking in with you here more often and get to know Vienna through your eyes :-) If I can ever help with anything German, give me a shout ...

  3. merisi - yes, the gardens are lovely. i have been to the belvedere (i live about 10 mins walk away) but not recently. i must get down there. thanks for the info!
    p.s. claire got home okay thankfully!

    tatjana - welcome to my blog! thanks so much for your comments... and offer of help. i might take you up on that! good luck with settling into your new home