Thursday, October 21, 2010


here are some random photos from my day yesterday. i had a lazy morning and then i went to meet a lovely lady who contacted me through an expat website. we went for tea and cake at café diglas (i had a chewy nut tart thing. was good) and then we wandered around the 1st district chatting. it was nice to have a chat and share my experiences of vienna with someone who is considering moving here.

and today i can't seem to get motivated to get out of bed or do anything. *sigh*


  1. Hello! :) I'm Jasmin. I couldn't find any way to contact you other than to comment. Just wanted to say your blog is great! Im moving to vienna next Feb for 12-14 months and your blog is just making me all the more excited! :) Good job! Would love to have a chat sometime if you up for it.

    My email is

    Bye :)

  2. Hey!! I came to your blog via expat-blog :) i'm going to have a nose around!! btw, how did you get the expat-blog icon on? i tried pasting the code in "add a gadget" but didn't accept it :(

    take care" *goes to investigate blog*


  3. hey, thanks 'new visitors' to my blog! nice to have you here :)

    re the icon... i really don't know. to be honest, i'm terrible at these things (thats why my blog is so basic!) but i think i just followed the instructions and it worked??? sorry i can't be of more help!