Thursday, October 14, 2010

lemon drizzle birthday cake!

it was julia's birthday on friday and i baked a lemon drizzle cake from this simple and great recipe.
it was pretty good (even though i still don't know how to replace self-raising flour which doesn't seem to exist here) and i forgot about it because i was too busy chatting to sharron! (luckily everyone seemed to like the crispy outside).

p.s. amazing sharron and julia brought with them lots of goodies from home including cans of strongbow, heinz tomato soup, walkers salt & vinegar crisps (only one bag left already. how did that happen?), and whole nut diary milk (which we just scoffed). YAY. we love you!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, the staple diet of a english person - heinz tomato soup, s&v crisps and cider! Yum! Cake looks good. If you're using plain flour you add some baking powder i think, which is the raising agent, and that'll work like SR flour. Just looked at the photos on FB. Looks like you had a fun weekend!