Friday, October 1, 2010

that friday feeling

well, nothing much exciting happening here.

1. i have officially become the laziest person EVER
2. i am addicted to the internet (specifically i can't stop pinning things to my boards on
3. i've eaten the last can of heinz tomato soup. now what am i gonna do for the rest of winter?! (bobby's please stock it)
4. i couldn't even get a job as a waitress in an irish pub. how much do i suck?
5. blogger is being stupid and won't let me upload any pictures for some reason?

but its not all doom and gloom.

i'm going out tonight. yay! (can't wait for a beer). i'm meeting someone new. let's hope i don't scare her off!


  1. It's so funny you mention pinterest, because I was checking it out for the first time today. And YOUR PICTURE was on the front page (along with others..), so of course I had to see what you were doing in there. Lots of cool stuff you've pinned! I can see how that can be addictive. I think I might have to join it too.
    Have fun tonight!

  2. NO WAY!! yes, join. i've sent an invite (in case you haven't already joined).

  3. it was lovely lovely! but i blame you for staying up till 1 (not cleaning), searching for that video of the xx from ireland. apparently i've gone insane and that never happened. at least youtube says so. but i know i have it somewhere.....and will not give up.
    really i enjoyed it, we gotta do it again (in all our purple glory)
    here's the link to the exibition we talked about:

    have fun!

  4. far this is the closest it gets to it

  5. morning! it was great. really great!
    haha. 1? i was naughty and started drinking whiskey when i got home! oohps.
    hope you got your cleaning done in time. have a fab weekend!
    and i'll get signed up to the 'stylish drinks'. eek
    gonna check out the link....

  6. maybe you can't get a job as a waitress in an irish pub because you're too nice. Try being like the waiter who served you a few weeks ago - adopt an attitude and swear a bit more. p.s. you don't wanna eat too much tomato soup. i saw a 'real life' story in Chat about someone who turned orange from eating too much... xx

  7. hahaha... oh dear! better cut back on the tomato soup then.

  8. Hello!! Me and my boyfriend are from London and are coming to Wien for a week at the very end of Oct. (This is me trying to hide my excitement.. Just!) I loved the look of the sewer tour and want to do weird things like that, except not as smelly! Can you name 5 must things to do/places to go?

    Love from the very excited London 'gal!

  9. hey sophie-rose, thanks for your message!
    you must be very excited! wien is a pretty awesome city.

    top 5 must things to do/places to go is quite tough for me to answer (but i'll give it my best shot - i'm by no means an expert yet!).
    here are some things that come to mind...

    1. prater - the amusement park is really interesting to walk around. its got a real old skool feel about the place (which i like). whilst there you really should take a ride on the famous riesenrad. there are nice views. and whilst at prater you'll see all the leaves changing to autumn colours!

    2. belvedere - its not far from the innere stadt at all. the building is impressive and if you are interested in art, 'the kiss' by gustav klimt is in the belvedere (i think its about €10 entrance fee). afterwards you can pop into salm brau brewery/restaurant next door for some austrian beer (they brew it themselves!).

    3. kunsthauswien & hundertwasserhaus - again great places to go if you like art (there are some pictures on my blog somewhere). the museum houses the works of friedensreich hundertwasser. he also designed a nearby building as a public housing project. its a really unusual building.

    4. museumsquartier & 7th district (neubau) - museumsquartier has some great art museums if you get time and are so inclined. its also a great place to go day or night for food & drink.
    the 7th district is a great district to wander around. you have spittelberg (just behind the museumsquartier) with cobbled streets and lots of places to eat and drink. there are many great cafes around here (i like cafe espresso on burggasse)... and shops (many with clothes etc by local designers).

    5. innere stadt - obviously you have to take a walk around the innere stadt! everything is pretty close so you can see all the major sights. make sure you go inside stephansdom and peterskirche (its much more impressive inside!), you can see the opera, the hofburg, parlament, rathaus and the two big museums (natural history & art history) all by just walking around in one day.

    6. its fun to take a tram ride around the ring road (make sure you get on an old tram! i like them much better).

    7. naschmarkt - a great market to take a little walk around and see all the produce but better to go there to eat & drink! i think lots of places are good but naschmarkt deli is always good (its got red round tables outside). whilst there just walk a little further up the road and you'll see the two beautiful buildings designed by otto wagner (majolikahaus and medallion house).

    8. ottakringer brewery - i haven't actually done this myself yet but i think you can get a tour around the brewery (and sample beer at the end)!

    9. get the bus up to kahlenberg - its a great view from up there... and you can visit a local heuriger (i think some should still be open in october). otherwise go to grinzing. great cheap wine and local cuisine.

    erm... thats 9. oohps! not sure if any of this helps at all??!

    there are SO many museums in wien but unfortunately i haven't been to many yet so i can't say which are good.

    hope you have a fabulous trip!

  10. Great tips, soon you can call your blog a viennese girl instead :)