Friday, October 15, 2010


more food. ha.
kantine is in the museumsquartier... and we went there for lunch last friday and soaked up some of the october sun. i'm guessing the outside seating area will be put away very soon until next year as its getting pretty nippy (i was really cold last night in the apartment with the heating on and its not even that cold yet! i'm a little scared about winter. wish we still had our open fire from our flat back in brighton).
anyway, i've been to kantine before... mainly to drink beer... but this time we ate and it was really good.
julia had a big hearty bowl of carrot and ginger soup which smelt lovely (and has now been added to my list of things i'd like to make).
sharron and i both had the halloumi and roasted vegetable pitta which had a really good yogurty dressing on it. would definitely go back for that again.
here is my half eaten one!
afterwards we went on a tram ride around the ring. was fun! (although we didn't really know where we were going. we just got on the number 1 and hoped for the best! luckily we ended up at prater. got off and got on another 1 back to where we started).
right, thinking about food has reminded me that we don't have i'd better get dressed and get to the supermarket.
oh, but before i leave here is a picture of my friends at the museumsquartier...


  1. Hi,

    I am Julien from, I tried to send you an email the other day regarding the expat blog of the month... have you received it ? If you haven't, could you please drop me a line at julien[at]expat-blog[d0t]com ?

    thanks ;)


  2. Unfortunatly (for the tourists) the ring-bim (tram) doesn't go around the ring anymore like they used too, now the 1 and the 2 cover one half each instead of going all around both of them. They replaced it with a tourist-tram that costs 6 Euro for a ride, insane!