Sunday, October 17, 2010

nothing like good food to raise the spirits

after the failed cookies, i attempted some more cooking for dinner.... but luckily this was more successful.
MOROCCAN MEATBALLS!!!! with herb couscous (although story of my life i couldn't find couscous at the local supermarket so we had to have bulgar wheat which for some bizarre reason went stodgy even though i followed the packet instructions exactly). anyway...
as you may have guessed, i love food and food makes me happy. and this dish on friday certainly made me very happy.
it really is so delicious and so easy to make. i used this recipe.


  1. That looks soo good! And by the way the rest of the cake was excellent today. I think I might need the recipe :)

  2. YUM!
    Looks amazing.
    I have the exact same Ikea bird tray- my mum bought it for me!

  3. It looks amazing! And another cool cookingpot!! I'll show you where they hide the couscous, it's a bit tricky.. Mahlzeit!

  4. Appetizing post :)

    Hi Kerry,

    I've just sent you another email, did you get it ?

    Julien ~ Expat blog

  5. thanks everyone!

    dorte & emilie - i'll cook it for you sometime :)

    julien - yes! i've sent you an email in response.