Thursday, April 8, 2010

random sign

i woke up feeling pretty unmotivated yesterday but the sun was shining brightly and i thought... you really should get out and enjoy it.  i found myself walking in the direction of the naschmarkt (a really cool huge market here where you can buy fresh produce and also sit to eat/drink at the many cafes etc) and on the way i passed this sign....
it really made me smile (in case you can't read the small writing it says 'be happy, smile, be joyous, stop looking so bleeding miserable').  ha. bobby's foodstore (schleifmuhlgasse 8, 4th district) is a shop that sells english/american imported food/drink.  they sell pickled onion monster munch AND cans of strongbow!!!!! (although a little on the pricey side so i might only buy a can in desperation!).  i sat at the naschmarkt and drank a couple of beers in the sun and then on the way back home i saw a rainbow in the fountain...
not such a bad day after all!


  1. Welcome to Vienna! Hope you like it here, great to find more bloggers in this city anyway :) Greetings from an office in the fourth district!


  2. thank you! i kinda got inspired to start one with all this free time i seem to have... so we'll see how it goes! (this blogging world is all very new to me). i really enjoyed reading your blog (which i found through an american girl moves to vienna). i'm going to check out some of the coffee shops! greetings from my apartment in the 3rd district :)


  3. I think blogging is awesome. I especially like the way randoms like me can say something too! Woo hoo! Keep up the good work!
    From Sara the Bored xx

  4. Hi New Girl! Enjoying so far and glad to add your blog to my regular reading about life in Vienna! I'll be there visiting in a month (one month from today, to be exact - woohoo!) I may need to look up Bobby's Foodstore.

    - Caroline

  5. I think blogging can be very relieving, like a diary in a way. Back in the days when I was less in harmony (ahh the youth :) it really helped me to write things down at times :) Anyway, will be coming back here, I love reading about other "foreigners" experiences with Austria - can be tricky at times..