Sunday, April 11, 2010

art and cookies!

on friday i went out for a wander in the sunshine and ended up visiting the Museum Hundertwasser at the Kunst Haus Wien (which houses lots of paintings, graphic works and architectural designs by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser). i loved it! he was born in vienna but travelled the world and was finally laid to rest on his land in new zealand. he designed the building (and a public housing project Hundertwasser haus just down the road).  here are some pictures.
the entrance
kunst haus wien
some postcards i bought
hundertwasser haus (how cool would it be to live here!)

i left feeling really inspired and decided to go home and make cookies (not sure how that works?!).  however, this turned out to be quite problematic as they didn't have the correct ingredients in the supermarket so i ended up having to forget the recipe and freestyle it.  the cookies couldn't have turned out too bad though as kev has scoffed the lot already!
cookies with plain chocolate and hazelnuts


  1. I love that place too! And I love his art and architecture. Have you been to the Wärmewerk at Spittlau? Also very cool! Have a nice sunday/emilie

  2. cool... i haven't been so i'll definitely check that out - thanks!
    sunday has been nice (but i watched my football team lose - boo). nevermind. hope you've had a lovely weekend!
    - kerry

  3. This place looks wicked reminds a bit of some of the buildings in Barcelona