Tuesday, April 27, 2010

okay, i'm back

sooo... where do i start with the weekend?!  we were lucky that we had pretty good weather for most of the time. sunday was a scorcher! (which we spent exploring schönbrunn palace and gardens). see here:
however, i made a fatal error in wearing my new shoes on sunday. i was nearly crying in pain by the end of the day! silly silly girl. i got a bit carried away thinking 'yay, its lovely and sunny and summery...lets wear my new shoes, gotta break them in sometime'!!! but unfortunately i totally underestimated the massive scale of schönbrunn and the amount of walking i needed to do. i will never learn!

saturday we spent exploring the innere stadt (centre city) and then went out for the most delicious meal at 'halle' in the museum quarter. i ate lamb with cous cous and it was amazing!
i can never get that much flavour in cous cous however hard i try!

on monday we did a little bit more wandering and headed over to prater. i got to take my first ride on 'the riesenrad'! 
shame it was cloudy that day but it was great fun nonetheless!

rather than posting lots of photos of buildings and statues (which vienna is full of!), here are a few snaps of some other things we saw (or ate) over the weekend....
a funny little cardboard dog telling you (i assume) that you will be fined €36 if you leave your doggie poop behind! (shame more people don't seem to take notice).
pinocchio sitting outside a shop
a really cute little lizard in the desert house at schönbrunn (can't believe i just said a lizard is cute?!)
some unusual but cool graffiti
yummy sisi torte i ate in the gloriette cafe, and finally.....
a stormtrooper in vienna??!!!  very bizarre!

righty ho, an early night for me tonight.... my legs and feet are still aching from all the walking we did at the weekend! (was totally worth it though). nighty night.


  1. I saw that trooper guy in Stockholm too, apparantly he knows how to beam himself!

    Great pics of our lovely city! :)

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