Wednesday, April 14, 2010

rain rain go away...

okay, i'm rather bored of all this rain now. its preventing me from getting out and exploring! instead i'm stuck at home becoming internet obsessed and looking at all the things i cannot buy (step away from the computer!). what could i do instead?  hmmmm.... all my shoes need cleaning. now that is getting desperate.
whilst i'm here i thought i'd share with you some pictures of my homemade pie. i had to improvise as i didn't have a proper pie dish (thats on my list of things to buy!) but it tasted absolutely delicious. i will definitely be making it again (thanks again sherry!) kev was very impressed!
  and that is kev's plate with 5 roast potatoes!!


  1. You and me both, really need a pie dish too! :) Next step is to make a strudl, that's the austrian pie (they don't really know pie here). Mahlzeit!

  2. danke schön! i have noticed they don't really do pie (or quiche?) here. maybe i should open a pie stall!

  3. Yes, we should do that, I am sure it would be a hit :)