Friday, April 30, 2010

ha ha ha

THE bridesmaid dress arrived yesterday and i collected it from the post office today. it is quite THE dress! for those of you who haven't got a clue what i'm talking about.... a good friend of mine is getting married this summer (and i am one of the bridesmaids, yay!) and the fancy dress theme for the hen party is '27 dresses'. if you haven't seen the film, its about a woman who is bridesmaid 27 times until she is finally the bride. she has to wear all sorts of themed, random and sometimes quite hideous dresses.  and i've certainly got myself one in the last category! i was gonna keep the dress a secret until the actual event but i couldn't resist putting a picture up....
although the picture just doesn't do it justice. it is spectacularly 80's! its got big puff ball sleeves, lace, taffeta, velvet. AND its black (i'm going with the unusual bridesmaid look). it is so damn hideous i couldn't stop laughing!

today has been a beautiful hot hot hot day in vienna. 26 degrees (maybe more)!!! that's hot for an english girl! kev managed to leave work at lunchtime so we went for a delicious lunch at 'expedit' and wandered in the sun. we also had to stock up on supplies for the weekend as its a bank holiday here tomorrow and i discovered on a forum that all the shops will be shut!

anyway, i'm just about to crack open a nice ice cold bottle of white wine and cook dinner (bolognese in case you are wondering!). lovely. enjoy the weekend everybody!

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