Monday, April 12, 2010

a rainy monday in wien

...drowned rat springs to mind!
so, i should have woken up all bright and breezy this morning ready to start learning german! instead i woke with a headache following a restless nights sleep and thought... i don't wanna go!!!!! but i did go and it was fun (if a little scary!). we learnt how to say the alphabet, numbers, how to ask/say your name age etc.  so proper beginners... but thats exactly what i need. and i've got homework to do!  funny, i feel like a teenager again.
after the class i decided to wander round the shops in the innere stadt and try on some summery dresses (to make the rain go away!) but i've come to the conclusion that pretty floaty flowery summer dresses really don't suit me however much i may like them!! (and the rain is still here).
anyway, i'm now off to cook chicken and leek pie (as recommended by sherry!). nothing better than a comforting yummy pie to make you feel better on a miserable rainy day.

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  1. I know what you mean, I am going through the same with turkish (should actually be doing my homework right now..) but it is a great feeling. Where is your course? Good luck with that, language is everything! Viel Glück mit deinem Kurs :) Liebe Grüße Emilie