Sunday, April 11, 2010

'the magic of the FA cup'

okay, what do i say...?!  some of you may think it rather silly to get so emotional about a game of football.... but i am really trying not to swear my potty mouth off right now! those of you that know me, will already know that i love football and i love tottenham hotspurs.  kev and i went to an irish pub this afternoon to watch spurs play portsmouth in the FA cup semi-final only to see us have a perfectly good goal disallowed and a penalty awarded to portsmouth (that was not a penalty!). we lost 2-0. boo. i am trying to make sense of the match... but i guess i just have to tell myself (through gritted teeth!) that it wasn't meant to be.
on the way home i was then forced to buy a slice of pizza in an effort to cheer myself up!
a delicious slice of salami pizza for only €1.  this is a bad discovery!!!!!!