Tuesday, April 27, 2010


we've FINALLY got blinds up at the windows and so maybe i'll now be able to get a decent nights sleep. yay! seems a pretty trivial thing for me to be excited about... but you don't know what hassle we had to buy and get these damn blinds up! its also nice knowing that the neighbours opposite can no longer catch a glimpse of me getting changed etc (eek!).
btw, we had an AWESOME weekend with sharron! was a lotta fun and we explored so much (so there was no time for blogging!).  kev loaded 200 pictures (yep, think i got a bit camera happy) onto the computer last night so i need to go through them. will be back soon....


  1. So happy for you that she made it to vienna, I hear you had great weather too? I caught myself a cold up north but it was still worth it :)

  2. ah thanks emilie. yes, the weather was lovely. really hot on sunday!
    shame you caught a cold. boo. but it looks like you had a lovely time.
    get well soon!