Wednesday, April 7, 2010

here goes...

okay, where do i start?! i'm not really sure what my intention was in starting a blog (its not something i ever considered doing before i moved to a different country) but it seems kinda fun, like a diary that other people can read! (hopefully some friends back home will enjoy keeping updated with what i'm up to), and so i'm gonna give this blogging a go and see where it takes me.... and hopefully some people will follow me along the way!

its been exactly 31 days since my boyfriend and i embarked on this adventure together and moved from england to vienna without knowing another person in the city. it was a sudden move as it was only 6 weeks from my boyfriend being offered (and accepting) a new job here and us boarding the plane. i can't quite believe its been one month already (although being back in england at my old job seems like a lifetime away now).

to be honest, i feel a little in limbo at the moment. i'm jobless, have no friends in the city (other than my lovely boyfriend obviously), and i can't speak deutsch. i've no idea what i'm going to do job wise, but i've taken the first step by enrolling in an intensive 4 week course to learn basic german (which i start on monday - eek!). i'm feeling quite daunted by this but also excited to start learning the language (which i know is really important) and also i hope to meet other people in a similar situation to me? we'll wait and see....

i'm also excited to explore and discover this beautiful city! its all one big adventure.....


  1. I just found your blog through An American Girl, and read this post and thought: Oh, this is me 8 months ago! So just a quick hello to let you know there are others in this city going through similar experiences. I hope you guys are settling in OK. Feel free to contact me if you need any help on anything. I know being new and knowing nobody can be tough.
    All the best,

  2. Just like Dorte I found your blog through An American Girl :) And very glad about this, cause reading your blog feels like talking to an old friend, so warm, open and sincere it is.
    I live in Helsinki and just trying to make up my mind whether to move to Vienna or not, got a job offer and need to make the Decision :)
    So trying to get as much information from the internet about living in Vienna as possible. And your blog helps in the process :) So please write more, promise to become a regular here.
    "See you" soon,