Wednesday, September 29, 2010

one day in bratislava

we didn't end up staying overnight but i enjoyed my little day trip to bratislava all the same. kev and his work colleague dropped me off in a taxi from the train station on their way to the office. i suddenly found myself in the middle of the city (luckily its small) without having a clue where i was... and i didn't have a map! but i had a lotta fun exploring and spent the morning walking and taking pictures until i got too cold and decided to take refuge in a cosy little traditional bar where i drank beer and read my book for several hours in the afternoon (when it clouded over and started to rain). beer only €2 for 0.5 litre!
the city is only one hour by train from vienna.. and you're in a whole new country! (the pizza was delicious by the way).


  1. So close and yet I have never been there (except at the airport, because it used to be much cheaper to fly from BRatislava, Ryan Air and so on). It look beautiful. There is also a ferry-line between Vienna and Bratislava, supposed to be very nice too!

  2. I feel embarrassed to say that I've never heard of this place but it looks lovely and I love its name.