Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas market number 6 - the BIG one!

as you may have seen from the blog, i've given myself a little challenge to see how many of the 12 main viennese christmas markets i can visit this year. on saturday with our friends from england it was market number 6 for me when we braved the crowds at the wiener christkindlmarkt at rathausplatz.
this is the most well known and largest market and therefore it is the most touristy. it was so ridiculously crowded on saturday afternoon i couldn't wait to get out of there. the problem is, once you've entered its rather hard to get out again because the crowd is so thick you just get taken with it. it was too busy to even get a mug of glühmost or glühwein (which in my opinion is the only reason to visit the markets in the first place!). i think i'll leave this one to the tourists....
on the plus side we did purchase an amazing hazelnut bretzel (which is a huge bread type pretzel thingy. i know all the technical words!).


  1. True True, but I LOVE the red hearts in the tree.