Tuesday, December 14, 2010


the random snowflake mobile i made on friday!

we had a lovely weekend with jamie and angie. it was so nice to see them and show them vienna. we ate lots and drank lots and i've now visited 2 more christmas markets! (including the one at rathausplatz. but never again).

kev has flown back to zagreb this morning and i've woken up with a headache and sore throat. not impressed. i need to go christmas shopping but i can't seem to get the motivation to get out of bed. not really feeling myself today.


  1. They're beautiful! Like a lot!

    Feel better soon!!

  2. So pretty- I should do these with my monkeys this years!

  3. Uh, so nice. Looks extra pretty with the shadows they make on the wall.

  4. thanks! it was so simple to make. i like the shadows too.