Thursday, December 2, 2010

glühwein anyone?

during my snowy walk in the city yesterday i obviously needed a little something to warm me up. so what did i do? go to another christmas market of course!
this one is weihnachtsdorf maria theresien-platz (in between the two big museums). it was a little bizarre standing outside drinking glühwein (couldn't find any glühmost at this one) with snow coming down... but also pretty special. and it does help warm you up!


  1. I love the Christmas markets by themselves, but the gluhwwein make them extra special.

  2. I remember Christmas markets from when I lived in Switzerland- so cute and lovely- That is some serious snow!
    All my windows are still open as I type this!

  3. i miss vienna :( i moved to germany in september....i wanna go back!

  4. Sitting at a boring conference in Mexico, these snapshots of home make me homesick. :)