Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 days to go...

yesterday i went to café schwarzenberg to meet miriam and sofie for a cup of tea. it was the first time i had been inside the cafe. its a really traditional old viennese coffee house but with a really good selection of tea and lots of cakes (although i didn't eat one).

we had a pretty lazy weekend here. very lazy actually. except for saturday night when we hosted our first dinner party in vienna! i was quite nervous because no one knew each other but i think it went well (hopefully!). we cooked the yummy moroccan meatballs.

on sunday we watched 3 films including elf. i love that film (although i've realised i'm not so keen on the later part of the film when santa crashes in central park. the rest of the film is much better).

last night we watched a christmas story for the first time (which was filmed in 1983 but set in the 1940's). somehow this film had previously passed me by? its actually really quite funny if a little odd at times. i enjoyed it though. it makes you recall memories of what christmas was like as a child.

my mum and brother are meant to be flying to vienna on friday to spend christmas with us but i'm getting really worried they might not make it due to the current chaos at british airports. i just hope that it sorts itself out by friday morning.

my plan now for this afternoon is to get a little in the christmas spirit by baking cookies whilst listening to some christmas music!


  1. it was lovely! i had fun! but really! haris told me however i should not drop random comments about princ charles. apparently he finds it geeky. he says he loves it. hmpf!

  2. oh and i know that place........i drive by it everytime i (frantically try to) get the car back to hertz. tonight being no exception. i got lost though. in Favoriten. for 2.5 hours. i'm overwhelmed to say the least.

  3. I love Café Schwarzenberg. :) I have yet to see Elf... hope that it's on sometime this week. Good luck to your family and their travels from England! :)

  4. I love A Christmas Story. Hope you family get to you safely.

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