Friday, December 10, 2010

happy friday

i took a little trip to ikea on tuesday afternoon. it was fun. i always end up with random things i probably don't need when i visit ikea (but i think its the same for everyone?). i couldn't resist the little xmas tree and heart pot and the cute mini cake stand... not really sure what i'll put on it? maybe i'll fill it with ferrero rocher! yum. and i couldn't go to ikea without having a 50 cent hotdog! (my diet has been so bad recently. going on a health kick in january).

its starting to feel a little more like christmas around here. i've put up some paper chains which i made yesterday and i'm going to start cutting out some paper snowflakes when i've finished writing this... but no big christmas tree yet. i've been waiting to find them on sale but i've been told that tree sellers will spring up everywhere next week. fingers crossed there will be one within walking distance. i don't really fancy getting on the U-bahn or tram with a tree.

our friends angie & jamie are visiting this weekend. in fact they will be in the air now! i'm looking forward to showing them vienna and seeing how drunk we can get jamie on austrian beer! (it is his birthday today).

right, i'm off to make snowflakes and drink my beer. happy weekend!


  1. Cute pot! Sounds like a fun weekend. Enjoy!

  2. have the v same pot. only empty. next to a red dwarf.

  3. Hi my name is Carole and I'm the Community Manager of Expat Focus a website for Expats worldwide. I wondered if you would be willing to share your experience of life in Austria?
    I apologise for contacting you through the comments section but I could not see your email address.

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

  4. Yeh OK it's Monday time to move on.

  5. The expat pages lööööve you :)