Monday, December 6, 2010

traditional czech meal

after arriving at our hotel on friday night, we drank our complimentary bottle of czech sekt and then headed out to a local restaurant/bar (after asking for a recommendation from the receptionist). we drank lovely dark beer and had a great traditional meal in a traditional setting.
i had roasted duck with potato pancakes and cabbage and sauerkraut (it was HUGE!) and kev had... well a plate of meat! he had all kinds of things on there.... pork, sausage, duck. it was interesting to discover that potato pancakes are very similar to irish potato bread (with a few additions like little bits of bacon). i love potato bread. probably something to do with it being potato and fried.


  1. Oh I am so neidisch (envious)! I love the food in Prag, and the beer! Was there with school back in 99 and still think about it :) So glad, that you had such a nice weekend and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the both of you! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, that's a lotta meat. I've been dying to check out Prague!

  3. thank you mimie!

    and christine, you really must go. its such a wonderful city!