Wednesday, December 1, 2010

snow in the city

well, its still snowing. and i was far too excited to stay at home so i decided to head into the city.
i saw father christmas! (he was ho ho ho-ing to the passers by).

and i bought €40 worth of thick socks and tights from h&m. very much needed though!
on the underground on the way home a random drunk (who kept burping and sneezing REALLY loudly) decided that he would like to talk to me in german. he kept trying to offer me a sip from his can of beer (mmmmm). obviously i politely refused. but he continued to try and talk to me and offer me beer. he then placed his empty beer can in my tote bag! what a cheek... but i was too embarrassed and didn't have the right vocabulary to say anything. er, yeah thanks to all those people in the carriage for saving me.

i bought supplies on the way home. red wine, cheese and chocolate biscuits. although i've eaten a quarter of the biscuits already. they are milka chocograins. i would say they are a cross between a chocolate digestive and a chocolate hobnob biscuit. uh oh. bad discovery. and there is no one here to take the packet from me.


  1. Yay SNOOOW... I'm also loving it. Going for a long walk and coming home for hot tea and chocolate biscuits sounds perfect (and finishing the whole package is fine!)

  2. So pretty!! I wanted snow too but it's too cold here for it.

  3. christine: oh my. i just looked up the weather in berlin on accuweather and they say its 'realfeel' -21?!!

  4. Yay for the snow, read that it hasn't been this cold on the first of dec since 1993. And hasn't snowed like this in years. As long as you are not in a car on the autobahn that is lovely!

  5. mmm, tea and biccies. that's one thing i'm looking forward to next week being back in the UK. Yum. Hopefully gatwick airport will have reopened by tuesday! (And that's too funny re the drunk. If it had been cider would you have accepted a sip!)

  6. sherry: hey cheeky! haha. although i probably would have been tempted! hope you're feeling much better. and fingers crossed for the flight x