Monday, December 6, 2010

a surprise weekend in prague!

i'm a very lucky girl. it is mine and kev's anniversary today (we have been together 8 years!) and kev took me away on a surprise trip to prague. he really is such a sweetie.
our journey started on friday afternoon with a kebab sandwich (ha ha) at the train station (delicious. seriously the kebabs here are so good you can eat them sober!). its 5 hours by train to prague (praha) from vienna (or wien i should say). it was lovely to see the beautiful snowy scenery passing by. and we did have a couple of cans of budvar on the way to help pass the time!
i really was so excited. i've wanted to visit prague for many years and it was even more special being able to go by train from austria. living in mainland europe really does have its advantages!
i took 556 photographs over the weekend (yikes) so there will be plenty more to come. i just need to figure out how to narrow them down!


  1. Holy Toledo! 556 photos. I'm Impressed.

  2. Not bad, almost beats the 900+ I took during 4-5 days in Istanbul :) But I am crazy.

  3. What a great boyfriend you have!! Congratulations with the anniversary.