Wednesday, December 1, 2010

snow on 1st december!

this is the view from my bedroom window this morning. there is a light covering of snow at the moment but its still snowing. how exciting! i really love the snow. although there is no one here to play with at the moment. might have to go out and throw some snow balls at some random kids! ha.

i was planning on venturing to ikea today... but i think i might give that a miss and stay indoors instead.

yesterday it was the birthday of the lovely '29'. we met for late lunch over at karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district and went to madiani (a georgian restaurant). i've never eaten georgian food before so it was great to try something new (although i had no idea what i was ordering).
whatever it was it was nice. they were filled with cheese.
these were the georgian crepes that 29 had. they are filled with mince meat. yummy.

we then had a little adventure on the S-bahn (overground train) and nearly made it outside of the vienna city border by getting off at the wrong stop!


  1. You should swing by for coffee one day when you are out and about.

  2. Oh, we were there for lunch at my love's birthday and had the most amazing little aubergine rolls with walnut filling. And great tea!

    When are we going to Aromat?!
    Love mimie

  3. badger: sounds great (although should add that i hate coffee but i'm always up for a cup of tea! its the english in me)

    mimie: yes, i really liked it! and we must go to aromat SOON! maybe for your birthday celebration? (seeing as i'm rubbish and can't make the party)

  4. Yes, I'll get in touch about that.. But before then we still need to have some more glühmost. And you ARE not rubbish, you are busy :)