Sunday, May 2, 2010

a trip to the zoo!

yesterday my boyfriend and i took our first trip to the zoo known as 'tiergarten schönbrunn'. kev simply LOVES any animal, reptile, insect... you name it, he loves it! (after nearly 5 years of living together he still asks if we can get a gecko but i simply wouldn't be able to sleep knowing it may escape!). he was desperate to visit the zoo... and although i'm never really sure if i like the idea of zoos (animals caged etc) i had a really lovely day.
not really your typical 'zoo' animal but i love the colour of peacocks. (although i couldn't catch him with his feathers up!)
a big rhino!
yep, not so keen on the snake! i was glad there was glass between us.
the bears were really cool. although i'm sure they don't quite think the same about me!
cute penguin swimming under water!
couldn't go to the zoo without showing you a tiger!
some beautiful and funny pink flamingos who were fighting!
an adorable polar bear playing with his ball.
but i think my favourite might have to be little cute dory 'just keep swimming...just keep swimming...'!

we went to the 'kaiser pavillon' at the tiergarten for lunch and the inside is just beautiful.....
certainly not your average zoo cafe interior!

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